A Lasting Gift: Enhancing Biodiversity, Engaging Youth, Improving Trails

Why Donate?

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Provincial Parks are part of the fabric of Ontario; they’re part of our history, our culture, our natural environment. They play an essential role in preserving these special landscapes for future generations. Every year thousands of people make new memories, connect with family and learn about the natural environment when they visit a park. The life of every Ontarian would be poorer without provincial parks.

Ontario Parks is funded differently than many government departments. Only a small portion of Ontario Parks’ budget comes from provincial taxes. Most of our funding comes from users; from day-use and camping fees, rentals, leases etc. This allows us to manage the day-to-day operations of the parks system but it does limit our ability to fund many deserving projects.

We are grateful for the support we have received from Friends groups and corporate sponsors. Many of you are familiar with and have contributed to our Friends groups. These not-for-profit organizations have been augmenting park education and resource protection programs for almost 25 years in some parks. Both our corporate sponsors and our Friends groups will continue to be valued partners.

So in launching our donation program, we are not changing how we do business. Rather we are changing how we communicate. The fact is that Ontario Parks has always been able to accept donations. Now, we are simply letting you know more about this program and demonstrating how these generous donations are used.

Why should you consider donating to Ontario Parks?

  • Because you are connected to provincial parks in Ontario and want to help fund special, deserving projects,
  • Because you are looking for the perfect gift to honour a life-long park lover, perhaps a friend or family member,
  • Because you are looking to make a lasting gift that will help improve our environment,
  • Because you care about supporting those living things that cannot always help themselves…birds, plants, animals, insects.
  • Because you want to make a difference now – so that future generations can enjoy the benefits that parks provide.

Whatever the reason, Ontario Parks has some impressive projects worth your consideration.