A Lasting Gift: Enhancing Biodiversity, Engaging Youth, Improving Trails

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Enhancing Biodiversity

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Scientists recognize that biodiversity is critical to the health of the environment. This big word has a simple meaning; we are all better off when there is a greater variety of living things – plants, animals and ecosystems. Biodiversity is threatened by climate change, urban development, invasive species, pollution etc. Parks are natural places that can help to monitor, protect and restore biodiversity.

The Karner Blue Butterfly was a regular inhabitant at Pinery Provincial Park many years ago. Wild lupines, an important food sources for the butterflies have disappeared at Pinery: eaten by the park’s once uncontrolled deer population.

Now, thanks to a generous donation, habitat restoration is underway. Ontario Parks’ staff has conducted prescribed burns and is monitoring wild lupine re-growth. Burning the vegetation creates an ideal environment for plants favoured by Karner Blues. Currently, the deer herd at Pinery is managed, giving lupines and other flowering plants a chance to grow undisturbed.

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